In-Store Experience Changes

Adapting to Keep Us All Healthy

Our Long Island community is grappling with both the human impact and the uncertainty of the novel coronavirus COVID-19. Our heart goes out to all those impacted by this new and unprecedented challenge.

Recently, you may have noticed we have altered our store experience, including sanitizing our sales counters, doors, and other surfaces that are contacted by our staff and customers.

We wanted to let you know that your shopping experience will change a bit more starting this coming weekend.

We pride ourselves on having the absolute best customer service available. Our one-to-one approach to fitting and gearing customers with the right product at the right price takes both knowledge, experience, and time. This will not change.

What will change about your shopping experience:

• All employees will be directed to wash their hands between every family they service. This might add some delay while visiting us during our busiest shopping times.

• When you come in to shop, we will have ‘service zones’ where families will be serviced privately, to help provide ‘social distancing’. We will limit the number of customer’s permitted within each of these zones.

• While we already sanitize all used items we buy with anti-microbial spray, we will take the extra step of holding all used products we buy with soft surfaces for a minimum of two weeks. This is long beyond the 3 days the CDC has tested and recommends.

We understand that these measures will change the experience our customers are accustomed to, but we also believe it is time for everyone to do their part. Play It Again Sports has always prided ourselves in being conscientious global citizens. It’s the core of our reduce/reuse/recycle philosophy. We are proud to step up and do our part in these unprecedented times.

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